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Sunday my co host is: Lois Drukman. my insurance broker, and the show’s Health, Auto and Home Insurance expert. We will be discussing the new flood insurance hikes and when they may actually be put in place, we also will chat about the value of Health Care Proxies and Estate Planning, new Health Care Law and how Lois can help you with your selections for the right kind of insurance. . So tune in Sunday morning at 10:30 on the WATD 95.9 FM broadcast of “So what about that law” Or catch us streaming on Can’t listen live? We’re on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and Sound Cloud on Tuesday! Hope you find the show interesting, informative and entertaining.



“Long ago I realized that although an attorney may become your trusted legal advisor and tenacious advocate, sometimes that isn’t enough. That’s why I formed this multidisciplinary firm, not only with skilled attorneys, businessmen and engineers but also a mental health counselor to help clients with the emotional issues that may also arise.

We are the South Shore’s only complete practice with services including:

So that’s who we are, and what we do.
Mark Greene,
Principal Attorney



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