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Lisa Santos, Director of Admissions Life Care Center of Plymouth will be co hosting with me Sunday May 29 We will be discussing: dealing with type 2 diabetes, and the services at the Plymouth Life Care Center. So tune in Sunday morning at 10:30 WATD 95.9 and hear how Lisa of Life Care Center of Plymouth can help you or your family member recover and get you back home !.... Streaming live on Can’t listen live ?....The podcast of the show will be posted on the Broadcast page on our website, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and Sound Cloud Tuesday! Hope you find the show interesting, informative and entertaining.





We at Mark Greene & Associates, attorneys & family counselors are a complete family practice located right here on the South Shore. For hundreds of our clients, MG&A  is the first call that they make when they need quick legal advice, or an attorney from time to time, whether it’s to help with the purchase of a new home, the breakdown of a marriage, the death of a family member, helping with wills and other estate planning documents, or caring for an elderly parent’s legal needs. Our clients understand that we are knowledgeable, caring and tenacious advocates.

             If you need help, we would be honored to assist you with legal and counseling services including:

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